Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C serves Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

Cotización de Servicios de Traducción en Línea

Translation and Localization Services Quote Online

Onsite and Video Remote Interpreting Sevices

Our reputation and history of successful translators and interpreters speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping clients, providers, and Limited English Proficiency patients.

We offer Translations Services in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Haitian Creole, Romanian and German, and  Interpreting Services in Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Urdu, Hindi, and French.

Spanish Language Evaluation for Bilingual Employees

Transcription Services Quote Online

Premium One-on-One 40 Hours Healthcare Interpreter Training. It is the first one-on-one program online in Texas, in the U.S., and Worldwide offered since 2013. Online training. This training incorporates two highly effective ways of learning objectives: self-paced and individual coaching with a trainer. Flexible schedule on weekdays, after hours, and weekends. The attendee will be able to log into the SFAA Online Scheduler to enter their 40 hours in the system and to schedule their online meetings with the trainer in Zoom when this is required by the module they are studying. 

CCHI CEAP Accredited 6 Hours Continuing Education​The terminology of Speech and Language Disorders and Diseases for Healthcare Interpreters

Spanish Individualized Language Programs for Adults.Spanish online programs customized for students' or business employees' needs and interests, aimed at achieving grammatically correct writing and reading skills in their professional field.

Spanish Individualized Language Coaching. An intensive online program. Duration: Two weeks.

Large or small projects, we can help you succeed, whichever Spanish language purpose you choose.


Do you want to become a Trained Healthcare Interpreter? Do you need the 40 hours Healthcare Interpreter Training to satisfy the application prerequisites for national certification by Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), which is the only accredited certification in the interpreting industry.

Would you like to fulfill the CCHI continuing education requirements online?

Do you want to become a qualified, bilingual business professional, brush up your Spanish skills?​​

Do you need evaluate and rate Bilingual Employees (English - Spanish)?


Experience You Can Trust

​    MBE, WBE, HUB, ACC SLBE        Certified Business 

​    Proudly serving Spanish speakers and other language Communities 



Independent Contractors Opportunity

 At Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C, our vision is to give adult students with a busy life an opportunity to pursue their dream of starting a new career in the medical interpreting field, or to brush up their Spanish skills for professional purposes through individualized programs with an instructor in live sessions (using Cisco WebEx Meetings, certified by the Skyhigh Cloud Trust Program). We also aim to help private and governmental entities to evaluate and rate bilingual employees (English->Spanish), as well as to help clients and providers with translation projects and Spanish medical interpreting services. 



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At Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C, our mission is to provide individualized mentoring to  students from our Premium One-on-One 40 Hours Healthcare Interpreting Training Online program, supporting them along the pathway to their new career as Healthcare Interpreters. We motivate our students to pursue National Certification by the one accredited body, CCHI. That’s because our training covers the conditions required by this body. Additionally, CHIs can obtain their CE points through an individualized accredited CCHI-CEAP online program.

Our Spanish Individualized Language Programs, Spanish Individualized Language Coaching, and Spanish Language Evaluation for Bilingual Employees programs are focused on supporting individuals, private entities, and government bodies to achieve their professional workplace goals. In addition, we help and support our clients when they need us. Our qualified translators provide accurate translations to meet client deadlines. Our specialized, qualified and certified Spanish healthcare interpreters enable accurate, complete and inclusive communication as they interpret between the provider and Limited English Proficiency patients (LEPs) in compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards. 

Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) and Spanish For All Austin (SFAA) are working together to help those graduated students from SFAA living in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or surrounding areas to be possible candidates TIN independent contractors for interpreting and translating opportunities.

At Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C, our goals are to provide Premium Education that is tailored to the needs of adult students with a flexible schedule (including after hours and/or weekend classes) to enable them become qualified bilingual professionals in English and Spanish. We also support adult students pursuing National Certification as Healthcare Interpreters in English and Spanish.

At Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C, our goals are to support our clients with their translation projects and medical interpreting services, backed by our team consisting only of qualified and/or certified translators and healthcare interpreters, assuring premium quality outcomes for our clients.


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