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​ Waleska Bonthrone, B.S.


​Phone: 512.909.7466


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Accredited Hours: 6 Program
Id: 00073

​Program Description: This 6-Hour Continuing Education course is accredited by CCHI-CEAP. It is an online course, self-paced and with individual coaching with a trainer. The program will help those healthcare interpreters working or interested in working with a SLP, hospital, nursing home, school system. The program is focused on terminology in Speech and Language Disorders and Diseases, Medical Conditions, Tests, Treatments, Prognostics in Adults and Children. The course content is in English and Spanish. The course is scheduled in two sessions.

Languages Offered:English, Spanish

Delivery Methods: Online

​Subject Matters:Understanding Healthcare Terminology Interacting with other healthcare professionals preparing for an encounter interpreting simultaneously, consecutively or sight translation all-in-one session.

Terminology of Speech and language disorders and DIseases for healthcare interpreters