Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) and Spanish For All Austin (SFAA) are working together to help to those graduated students from SFAA living in Austin or surrounding areas to be possible candidates TIN independent contractors for interpreting and translating  opportunities.



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​Cost: $1350.00* 
(Including Materials, Shipping and Handling)

Materials: Anatomy-Physiology for Interpreters in Healthcare English-Spanish or English only for another languages) Training manual.

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Admission requirements


Minimum educational requirement: A high school diploma or certificate of equivalency.

​Minimum age requirement:The minimum age required of an individual shall be18 years of age.



Online program description

One-on-one training is our specialty!

El entrenamiento personalizado es nuestra especialidad!




The curriculum was designed by Waleska Ghini for bilingual Healthcare Professionals pursuing to become Qualified Healthcare Interpreters with a complete and accurate communication with LEP patients, beside of their Healthcare careers or looking to obtain the Healthcare Interpreter Certification, and bilingual students pursuing to /become a Qualified Healthcare Interpreter or Certified Medical /  Healthcare Interpreter.

We are the first one-on-one online Healthcare Interpreter Training Program

IMIA CMIE accredited in the state of Texas and U.S.

Learn more about our accreditation

Flexible hours and time depending on student's preference and monthly trainer schedule. 

Time: Eight Hours per week. (Recommended)

Duration: Five weeks. (Recommended)

The online training is LIVE broadcast and it is provided through Cisco WebEx  System.
​ No software or download is required, the student just need to have Internet access.
​ The student can open a Cisco WebEx free account.

 The instructor online will implement auditory, visual and kinesthetic activities that includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, illustrations, pictures, manual program, and Anatomy-Physiology for Interpreters in Healthcare Textbook. During the online training the instructor will use different tools as webcam, microphone, chat, share screen (instructor and/or student), and whiteboard.  In advance to start the training, the instructor will send the manual program, and the textbook required in the program by mail. The student' shipping address was provided in the registration form. The student should have the materials available before to start the training online.

​ The student will receive a Cisco WebEx invitation to join at each session by email.In addition, homework, self-assessments are sending /returned following the curriculum through email .
​The quizzes are sending at the end of each module during a LIVE broadcast instructor/student session. The student should share his/her screen when is taking each quiz, and then student will return it to the instructor by email as soon as the student has finished the quiz. The modules homework needs to be return 24 hours before the next scheduled training by email.

​ The curriculum includes nine quizzes, nine homework and four self-assessments.

The Exit Written Exam is scheduled through Cisco WebEx System. The student should take it during a LIVE broadcast instructor/student session, looking the questions on the screen, and receiving an answer sheet by email, that student should return to the instructor as soon as it is finished by email during the LIVE broadcast session.

The Exit Oral Exam is scheduled and recorded through Cisco WebEx System. The instructor will play the oral test record on a LIVE broadcast and the student will respond orally. The system should be recording the session all the time.The Exit Exams are scheduled one week after the 40 hours of training is completed. Exit Exam duration: approximately two hours.

The student will take this training online only.

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